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Spring Break

Rockfish Hoke Elementary School

6251 Rockfish Road

Raeford, NC 28376

Telephone (910)-875-9343

Fax (910)-875-3761

        Principal                          Assistant Principal                       
          Ms. Dowless                                      Ms. Hammond
 ddowless@hcs.k12.nc.us                   ahammond@hcs.k12.nc.us

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Student (Grades 3-5 only)

Click here for more information about Give 5 Read 5.
Have you ever heard of the "summer loss?"  It's not a seasonal diet or exercise program, but a troubling trend in which students lose valuable reading skills when they stop reading during their break from school.
We know that children who do not read over the summer fall 2 ½ to 3 months behind their peers in literacy skills.   Children who do not have access to books or adults who can read to them are especially susceptible to summer loss.   As a result, by the end of fifth grade, many of these students are approximately 2 ½ years behind their more affluent peers in terms of reading ability.
For this reason, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has launched "Give 5 Read 5."  As part of this effort, we are asking parents, business owners, and community leaders to donate 5 new or gently used books to their local elementary school.  We are focused on providing 5 books as research from Harvard has shown that reading four or even five books over the summer helps prevent the summer slump.  
To learn more about this program which helped schools collected over 120,000 books across N.C. last year, please visit http://www.ncpublicschools.org/give5read5/.

We will begin collecting books on March 17th and the last day to collect books is May 16th.

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Daily Schedule for Students and Staff

7:15-7:45  -  Students arrive and breakfast begins (breakfast will not 
                   be served after 7:50; late buses will be the only  

7:45 -           Bell and Announcements

7:45 -           Instructional day begins; All visitors should exit 

8:00 -           Students arriving after 8:00 are considered tardy

2:30 -           (K-2) Car Riders/Daycare/Bus Riders are dismissed

2:40 -           (3-5) Car Riders/Daycare/Bus Riders are dismissed

2:45-            Buses Depart Campus

4:00 -           Office is Closed

6:30 -           After School Care Closed
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